January 16, 2019
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Tips to Increase Your Construction Site Security in Calgary

construction site security

In the current times, it is very uncommon for you to hear of construction site theft making headlines in the local news. This has become way too common to be considered news. And while these incidents may not be making local news, they are quite expensive. Here is the thing – with
construction job site theft and subsequent losses, it is not only about the costs of the stolen equipment and machinery.

There is also the cost of having to rent, or worse still, replace the equipment required to complete the job. Additionally, there is the downtime cost as well as project overruns as a result of the missing equipment, which leads to a delay in the completion of the project. In some cases, the insurance company may increase the premiums.

So what does one need to do to improve the construction site security?

Analyze The Construction Site Security Needs

Generally, planning for the construction site security should happen before the construction even starts. Conducting a pre-job construction site analysis for both vandalism and theft will greatly
help to minimize the risk of the site being a target.

The first question you should ask yourself is if the job you intend to start on is controversial. If there is some controversy, then there are chances you might have to budget for security
guards in Calgary and other security measures. This will save you tons of hassle and cash during the project.

The second question you need to put into consideration is if the area in which the construction is happening has a history of crime. Talking to the police or the neighbours in the area will help
you gain more insight with regards to this. It will guide you on how many security protocols you may need, as well as the number of security guards in Calgary you will need.

Inspect the Construction Site Security Lighting

The importance of lighting on a construction site cannot be stressed enough. Lighting works to reduce crime in your construction site, as well as give your neighbours the ability to help
monitor any activity on your construction site that might be suspicious.



Bright White Light is Perfect

White light presents you with perfect colour differentiation which makes it easier to differentiate persons and read license plates. And while bright lights may be expensive to maintain, the difference is more than worth the investment you will make.

Additionally, you need to protect the power source. You should ensure that the power lines are at the height of about 24 feet or even higher. This will keep the thieves from tampering and cut the
power lines.

Make a Pre-Site Checklist

Protecting your job site is a job that starts way before you install the fence or think of having any other security measures. Having a checklist will aid in helping to reduce any loss in your
developing project. Additionally, it will provide you with great peace of mind.

Included in your checklist should be individuals who will be held accountable when anything goes missing on the construction site.


Following the above tips will help you have a secure construction site. Sure, there are lots of steps and precautions you can take successfully, but what’s listed above is just the basics to get you off the ground and on the right path.

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