January 16, 2019
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Picking the Right Garbage Bin Rental Company in Edmonton

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There are some services that you pay for that might seem so irrelevant that it does not matter who is hired for the job. You imagine that regardless of who you hire, the result will be pretty much the same. Some of the things that instantly come to mind include matters to do with taxi cabs, plumbers and flower delivery services, among other things. If you are renovating your home, you may think that garbage bin rentals also fall into that category. But it should be noted that whatever service you are looking for, you can get extremely different results depending on the company or expert you hire. Here are some tips to help you pick the right garbage bin rental company:

Price of Service

With almost all services, price is a major factor. This plays an even more important role when you think that results will be similar with any company. As a result of this thinking, some dumpster rental companies have turned to sneaky pricing tactics. Such companies will advertise a price and then look for all types of ways to bring in extra charges. Therefore, beware of companies whose price seems ridiculously low. Such companies are likely to add on other extra charges afterwards. Compare price from one company to another and choose one that offers dumpster rental in Edmonton at a reasonable price. Companies that are very cheap or ridiculously expensive should be avoided.

Service Quality

When you pick the lowest price, the company normally has to apply shortcuts somewhere. This might be in keeping fewer dumpsters available or paying workers lower wages. They may also take their time to deliver and pick up dumpsters in an attempt to make things convenient for them instead of the client. Sadly, it is not always easy to measure a company’s service level before you hire them. They may put on a good front with a well-designed website or eye catching ad. But that does not mean they are necessarily a reliable company. So, look deeper.

Take your time to read through client reviews or testimonials before hiring a potential garbage bin rental company. If a client had complaints about the company’s service quality, there is a good chance they posted their frustrations online. Besides that, you may want to pay attention to how their phone service is and how fast they reply to e-mails, as this usually reflects the kind of overall service to be expected from a company.

Company Experience

Besides trying to estimate a company’s service level, you should also look at the kind of experience a potential company has. Make sure that the company you get your dumpster rental in Edmonton from has been in this business for some time. Companies that are relatively new should be avoided as much as possible, as they may still be learning the ropes of this industry and making mistakes.


If you want your dumpster rental in Edmonton delivered and picked up punctually, conduct some research to get a quality company. You will also benefit from better pricing, friendlier service, as well as more flexibility to meet your needs.

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