January 16, 2019
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Customs Brokerage Services Offered in Vancouver

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When importing or exporting something, the whole process of customs clearance can be time consuming, complicated and expensive in the long run. However, by involving an experienced customs broker, this process will become simplified, faster and less expensive, hence you will have ample time to concentrate on other important issues. And there are customs brokerage firms that can provide you with complete solutions for your import, as well as export needs.

Customs Brokerage Services Offered in Vancouver
If you are in Vancouver and need assistance while importing, exporting or shipping items, there are reputable customs brokerage firms that are able to help. These agencies always aim at providing you with the most integrated customs brokerage, logistics and transportation services that are customized to your needs. Whether you need help with a finished goods expert or car import in Vancouver, these agencies have you covered. For instance, they specialize in:

1. Customs Brokerage
If you need a reliable customs broker to help guide your international imports or exports through the complex Canadian customs clearance process, these firms can help. They are able to quickly and cost-effectively clear all of your shipments, providing you with a single contact point right from the time the goods arrive all the way to the delivery. The best thing is that the customs experts are always up to date with the current regulatory requirements and always strive to ensure that all the documentation is accurate and complete.

2. Global Trade Logistics Solutions
If you are involved in global trade, these experts can provide you with integrated logistics solutions that ensure quick and cost-effective transportation and delivery of items on the global level. They normally combine all of their services to offer you a more comprehensive and personalized package that will meet your very unique needs. For instance, they are able to select the carriers and routing for your items, take care of all the customs requirements, manage the transportation, data as well as regulatory requirements as needed at the point of origin and destination.

3. Ship’s Agency Services
The port of Vancouver is a very busy place that boasts of having inter-modal connections to major markets in North America. For this reason, when your vessel arrives at this port, you need an experienced ship’s agent who can help to coordinate a quick and more efficient turnaround. Luckily, the experts at these firms have all the knowledge that is required to handle any outbound or inbound clearance for any of your cargo that is going through this port.

4. Tradeshow Services
Tradeshow materials like exhibits and booths are normally classified under temporary imports which are subject to duty-free entry into Canada. Unfortunately, the process of shipping such materials is often complex. If you are planning for a tradeshow in Canada, these firms can give you a seasoned customs broker who will ensure that the event is registered and even help with the transportation of foreign exhibitors and the necessary materials.

These firms have also specialized in offering reliable freight forwarding services, US export assistance, customs consulting, motor vehicle imports, as well as software solutions. Furthermore, they have robust systems which help in ensuring easier coordination and topnotch service delivery. If you are handling a motor vehicle import in Vancouver, these experts are able to make the entire process as simplified as possible.

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